What to wear and safety guidelines



What to wear:

• Long pants

• Firm Shoes with a heel (no sneakers)

• Riding helmet is mandatory. You may borrow one of ours or bring an ASTM certified one of your own.

Safety Guidelines:

Horses are easily frightened, and their behavior when frightened can be unpredictable and dangerous. To be safe, please follow these guidelines:

• Always walk, do not run.

• Use a soft and calm voice.

• If a horse is in the aisle or on the cross ties ask the instructor before approaching the horse.

• No Smoking

• Leave umbrellas in your car.

• Keep your fingers out of the horse’s mouth when you are feeding them a treat.

• Some horses are on special diets, so ask before feeding them anything.

• Stay away from the hind end of the horse.

• Do not climb on fencing or gates.

• No Dogs are allowed on the farm.

• Approach the indoor ring slowly and announce yourself with a loud call “door”. Wait for the OK.

• Other family members must respect these rules and children need adult supervision.

Details around the Farm

• Park facing in to the indoor arena. Do not park near or around the other barns or driveway.

• Be sure you have completed a release form before your first session.

• Please give 24 hour notice to cancel lessons. You will be expected to pay for a session that is not cancelled 24 hours in advance. Call 508-835-3044.